The Bridge over the River Progo

Some shots I took when visiting Lempuyangan Station and the railway bridge over River Progo in Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Yosef Yudha Wijaya ยท

Several pictures which I took during my visit to Lempuyangan Station and the railway bridge over the River Progo in Special Region of Yogyakarta on April 12, 2008.

Img The west-bound freight train led by CC20150 (GE U18C). Notice an illegal rider at the back of the locomotive. He ran to the locomotive soon after the train departed.

Img Prambanan Ekspres bound for Solo. Usually the train's consist is the diesel multiple unit or the electric diesel multiple unit (so called the Yellow Submarine). But the day's consist was CC20321 (GE U20C), several business-class passenger cars and an economic-class passenger car.

Img Prambanan Ekspres diesel-electric multiple units bound for Kutoarjo while passing the bridge over Progo River.

Img The same Prambanan Ekspres after passing the bridge.

Img Fajar Utama with two locomotives, CC20339 and CC201xx, from Jakarta.

Img Another west-bound freight train.

Img Lodaya from Bandung. Never been aboard this train. The locomotive was CC20401 (GE C18MMi) ex CC20103.

My friends and I left the bridge an came into a heavy thunderstorm. We went to Rewulu Station which provided us a shelter from the rain. At the same time, all electric signals and switches malfunctioned after having been struck by lightning. All signals automatically turned to red.

Therefore, two trains which were about to pass or stop at the station from both directions were halted before the home signals. Two employees of the station went to the home signals to pick up both trains, whereas the station master was ready to give the pass-the-red-signal form to the trains when they entered the station.

Img The first train to enter the station was Prambanan Ekspres from Yogyakarta.

Img The station master gave the form to the engineer, and the train continued its journey to Kutoarjo.

Img The next train was Argo Lawu from Gambir, Jakarta.



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