A Test on My Ability in Handling Nikon D50

An entry-level digital SLR in the hands of an amateur.

Yosef Yudha Wijaya ยท

After saving for some time, my dream of having a digital SLR came true in 2005. It was an entry-level DSLR recommended by a friend who was a photographer. Please feast your eyes on the results:

Img A food vendor in Solo Balapan Station (too dark).

Img A food vendor with children.

Img Barat Station, Madiun.

Img CC201102 pulled Argo Wilis to Bandung.

Img A train dispatcher in Barat Station.

Img CC20337 arrival in Madiun Station (the lens was dirty).

Img Prambanan Ekspres in old blue-white livery, Yogyakarta Station.

Img The same Prambanan Ekspres in Surabaya-Sidoarjo commuter train livery.

Img Still the same Prambanan Ekspres in new livery, hence 3 liveries on a single trainset.

People tended to pay attention (even waved their hands) to us if we looked at them through the viewfinder.

Img Sancaka with CC20407 departed from Surabaya Kota Station.

Img CC20180R

Img CC201128R

Img CC20171

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